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Mother POP Centre plans approved

At last – the Swartland Municipality finally approved the plans for us to build the “Mother POP Centre” at Goedgedacht farm.  For 13 years the Path out of Poverty programme has split itself between our baby unit and pre-school down at the Goedgedacht farm gate, and the Youth centre 2km up the mountain at the Conference Centre. This year  our appeal for funds to build a POP youth centre, next to the baby unit and pre-school, was approved by the National Lottery and now we are ready to build. This centre will include our country’s very first RURAL YOUTH LEADERSHIP ACADEMY.

Ingrid on designated land

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POP leadership training continues

learning chess

In the evenings – hungry tums well fed by the wonderful Goedgedacht cooks the young leaders quietened down and went through the  programme they will run in their own communities for the next two weeks of the school holidays.  They learnt to play  board games like monopoly, drafts and chess that they would teach children younger children.

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POP leadership training continues

Working in the olive factory

In the afternoons the youngsters on the leadership programme spent time being ‘servant leaders’ – doing things for others. Some cleaned our olive factory, another team painted a new Safe House  for vulnerable children on one of the nearby farms, a group helped  in the vegetable gardens and others cleared invasive bamboo off the land.

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POP Youth Leadership Training

Day one. The start of the leadership training June 2011

Last week 72 young leaders from 6 rural villages to came to stay for a week of training at Goedgedacht Farm.  Ingrid and her POP team ran a really exciting programme called “ An expedition in search of your gift”. The aim was to help these young leaders to understand themselves, broaden their horizons, grow in confidence and learn the skills they need to manage a holiday project in their own communities. Continue reading

Weekend activities on Goedgedacht farm

Goedgedacht farm was a buzzing place this weekend kicking it off with our 16 – 25 year old youth group called Youth in Construction learning a few hip hop moves from Taytum who has competed in various international, national and regional competitions on Friday evening and although the moves were SO fast that it was very hard to take a good photo I managed to take a few that shows you just how much fun they all had on Friday evening.


On the Saturday we had our annual health day for rural farm workers and their children and this year an organisation from Cape Town called Hanani brought along more than 20 volunteers to provide together with our own Health Carers services like TB information, FAS information, eye-testingbreast cancer information to women and youth, HIV/AIDS counselling and testing, weighing of people, parenting training and many more. The most touching experience for me was walking into a room where many farm workers (both men and women) got their feet pampered by the health volunteers. I found it very difficult to hide the tears because I knew that for each one of them this must have been the very first time that anyone else touched and cared for their feet with so much compassion and love. A huge thank you to Hanani, the Department of Health, Chris Aurette, our farmer next door, our own health volunteers, Marieta and the rest of our Goedgedacht staff whom all made this day possible and enjoyable. Here are some pictures of the day.



The day was not over yet! Despite the very hot temperature our dedicated rugby and netball players played a friendly match on our netball and rugby fields. This was to get both teams into shape for the season which is starting soon. From the look of it they need a few more matches before they are in top form again! Play Eagles, play….



What a weekend on the farm! We are delighted that Goedgedacht can be that space where rural people through our POP programme can come and be happy, healthy, cared for and be loved. We are sure that these services will make a huge difference over time in the lives of people who are too often forgotten.

Thank you for reading this story and supporting our work. We would love to hear from you as well. Please send us yor comments and suggestions and please keep supporting POP.

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Newly appointed prefects from Bosmansdam High School held their annual camp at Goedgedacht at the end of last year. When they left we gave them a Spekboom. These plants have been found to crunch carbon from the atmosphere at a rate faster than any other known plant. We are handing them out to everyone who visits us and encouraging them to grow them and take slips and hand them on to their friends. Its another small thing that anyone can do to help reduce carbon
in our atmosphere.
Here are the pupils with Steve their Spekboom.

Bosmansdam pupils with Steve, their Spekboom


Sport and Health Day for 500 Rural Farm Workers and children

blog, 2On Saturday, 15 August  our Youth in Construction youth group and the visitors from King Edward VI hosted a SPORT AND HEALTH DAY for about 500 rural farm workers and children living on 32 farms in the Riebeeksrivier Valley. The theme for the day was …..the beginning…..(of what you may ask – more Saturdays on farms where farm worker parents and children can experience life’s joys together!) and the main aim was to give everyone involved an opportunity to learn more about HIV/AIDs, TB, receive training in First Aid, indigenous games and sport codes like netball, rugby and soccer. We included a fun run and training on how to ride a bicycle to spice up the day even further. It was great fun watching a seven year old child and some 50 year old adults holding on to the bicycles very tight and too afraid to let go of the handles (not forgetting the smiles of the biggest achievement ever of course!) as they experienced their first ever bicycle rides. This was made possible by our own Community Cycles Project which is based in Riebeek Kasteel.

The day’s festivities took off at the Goedgedacht Amphitheatre where everyone got a chance to get to know more about Goedgedacht’s Path out of Poverty Programme and learnt how to dance the macarina! blog, 3As you can see in the picture there are some of us that still need a lot of practice….When the muscles were warm enough about 250 people hit the gravel road up the Valley to complete the 6km fun run. I decided to join in and to my surprise managed to finish the race (I will not say after how many minutes or hours) while taking blog, 6pictures along the way!  Thanks to Inspector Lategan and his local police officials we managed to avoid all the cows and sheep along the way and completed the race safe and sound.

As Karen Hendricks, the last person to finish the race, came limping into the gate of the Goedgedacht sports arena everyone cheered her on in appreciation of her courage to start and finish the race despite the fact that it was quite uphill and it being her first time participating in a fun run. Well done Karen! You have been a true sport as well as everyone who participated in the race.

blog, 4    blog, 8    blog, 9    blog, 10  blog, 11    blog, 7

It was a truly magical day for all of us involved and thanks to the Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport everyone received two much needed meals (breakfast and lunch) for the day.

blog, 12Our grateful thanks to all our staff, the facilitators of the various sport codes, indigenous games, first aid, bicycle, HIV/AIDs and TB training, all the paticipants, the drivers, caterers, farmers, all our funders, King Eward VI School and last but not least our Youth in Construction youth group for making this day such a huge success.


blog, 14Little Justin told me that he is going to practice very hard till next year to make sure that he finishes alongside me in the fun run next year! I hope to see you next year. When? Where? Keep reading our blog to catch up on all the news of Goedgedacht Trust!

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