About this Blog

This is a blog which will be written mainly by me, Annie Templeton the director of the Goedgedacht Trust and occasionally by my colleage Ingrid Lestrade the Co-ordinator of our Path out of Poverty Programme. We hope to keep friends, donors and funders in touch with the anti-poverty work we are doing on Goedgedacht Farm.


6 responses to “About this Blog

  1. Ingrid Lestrade

    can’t wait to start blogging!!

  2. Ingrid Lestrade

    well done!! Hoping to write something soon.

  3. Trying to contact Anne Templeton. A friend in UK wishes to make a donation and I require banking details to transfer this donation in the RSA

    • Hi Stan – how nice.! thank you so much.
      Our banking details are:
      Standard bank of SA
      Mowbray branch
      Branch code: 024909
      Account number: 071349278.
      Goedgedacht Trust.
      Let me know who it is so that I can respond more fully
      Kind regards

  4. Hi Annie,
    I am not sure if you remember me. I went to school with Rob and Zoe (Springfield).

    I wanted to contact Peter a while back to discuss an international fine wine estival which we want to host in the Malmesbury/Riebeek Kasteel area in May 2010. i think there could be a symbiosis with your community project and our event.

    My contact details are 082 598 9192 and you can email me on clairelockey@mweb.co.za I wouls be very appreciative of your time.

    Many thanks and best regards,
    Claire Lockey

  5. Deeply heartfelt and inspiring!
    Thank you for the good work you do and for the awesome peace and loving kindness you at Goedgedacht radiate.
    Delighted – Heading your way today to steep in retreat under the gyidance of Ken and Katia.

    Anne Duncan 🙂

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