POP GOES TO PRINCE ALBERT (in the Southern Great Karoo)

In September Ingrid and I went to address a public meeting in the small Karoo town of Prince Albert where they had expressed interest in starting a POP youth programme. We spent two days there talking to a wide range of interested parties and meeting the very dynamic Mayor Mr.Lottering.

We spent a morning driving around the poorest part of the village and saw lots and lots of babies and small children who were not being cared for. The Mayor and his council agreed to visit Goedgedacht  and will do so later this month.

In the meantime Ingrid has taken a group of 13 POP staff and POP members to Prince Albert to examine the need for a POP centre for children and youth. The research tool we use is called a ‘community ennumeration’ and it is a way of getting the local community involved in counting every single person in the community and getting them to identify their needs.

While they do house to house visits during the day they organise fun workshops  in the evenings and get to know the local young people.  Included in the POP team are Susan and Phillipa, two young graduates from the UK who have joined us for two months.


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