The wonderbag is a modern version of the ‘hay box’ or way our grandmothers used to cook the Christmas ham and put it in a blanket in the sofa. Its a slow cooker which saves money, time and electricity while at the same time reduces carbon emissions.


During the recent POP Easter school holiday programme one morning 100 young leaders from six different rural communities learnt how to make a pot of rice, lentils and curry in a Wonderbag. Each Wonderbag had been donated via Ingrid’s Facebook page over Christmas by friends all over the world and was destined for a poor family. The food was put on the stove for 5 minutes and then popped into the bag and taken with much excitement out to their own families where they are going to monitor how much electricity they save by using the Wonderbag on a regular basis for cooking.


2 responses to “Wonderbags

  1. wonderful. Annie, is there any chance the school at Goedgedacht will extend to Grade 1 and 2?

    • Hi Angela,
      No, not really. Would be wonderful if we could do so but the costs of transporting the children here are so high. Our Grade Ones go to Malmesbury to Liebenberg Primary and the state pays for the bus. We would love to have our children stay for an additional 2 years just to give them smaller classes and a bit more confidence before they hit the reality which is huge classes and short school days.

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